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Authorization for the usage of SPGR

The certification run for SPGR has two gatherings of two-day duration. The participants are required to complete a prepatory work before the first gathering, as well as in the duration the middle period between the gatherings. To support this video-based education is offered among other things.
In addition the participants shall find and gather data from a real group during the middle period. The results of the analysis from the participants groups with be reviewed and processed on the second gathering.

After the second gathering all participants give feedback to their respective groups and write their project assignment. The project assignment is target for evaluation along with the participants presentation during gatherings. The course "Teambygging og effektivitet" ("Team building and efficiency") provide foundation for certification in use of SPGR as well as study credits at NTNU. Completed and passed course gives authorization for use of the SPGR methods.

The authorization is valid for 12 months and is renewed automatically when SPGR is used regularly. If the candidate do not use SPGR during a 12 month period, the authorization is revoked.
Our experience tells us that the required understanding and competence is rapidly reduced after a recent certification that is left unused. To regain an authorization lost like this, the candidate must document skill in use of SPGR. Thas does not mean that a full authorization process is required. This is one of the measures taken to ensure ethical and correct use of SPGR.