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About us

SPGR institute's purpose is to help professionals build effective teams. We provide services, education and consulting both for industry and research.
SPGR institute was established in 1980 and has always been closely connected to research institutions.
Our Director of Research and Development, Endre Sjøvold, is connected to NTNU where he leads the project Operational Leadership. The purpose of this project is to identify factors that enable teams to perform under chaos, uncertainty and mental stress snd develop methods to best train teams to achieve such skills. The project is supported by the Norwegian Armed Forces and Statoil. Endre's entrance to the research field of small groups was via R.F. Bales research at Harvard University.
As our name indicates, the SPGR institute uses most of its revenue on research and development.

The Spin-theory of Small Groups are the core concept for our services. The Spin-theory in an integrated theory developed over more than 70 years and are still including new research findings. The Spin-theory is operationalized by SPGR (Systematizing the Person-Group Relation) which is a set of methods developed over the last 35 years. The combination of the Spin-theory and SPGR has proven successful in developing high-performance teams.

The SPGR method....